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Thread: Important Information About How Spoilers Work Here

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    Exclamation Important Information About How Spoilers Work Here

    We've had this discussion too many times in individual threads for this not to be warranted at this point.

    For those asking what our policies are here regarding spoilers, they're simple:

    Spoilers are treated as information released BEFORE the airing of an event. That means, if you watch Show A on Sunday's at 8PM EST, and your show ends at 9PM EST, at 9:01PM EST you are free to discuss everything that just happened.

    But that's a spoiler for everyone who hasn't seen it yet!

    You're right, and you also answered your own question. Television shows have air times for a reason. Watch the show at it's original air time and you won't have to worry about having information "spoiled" for you. Until then, simply avoid the thread that you know is likely to spoil it for you.

    We do, however, have notable exceptions (where the thread title will include a note about NOT sharing spoilers) like in the case of our Game of Thrones discussion, and that's simply because that program is not based on the same principles as most scripted television. Instead, it's based on a series of books that can quickly, and easily "spoil" information for others who are not or do not intend to read said books.

    What we suggest that you do is simply use the SPOILER tags we've provided you to discuss at whatever length or time you care to the shows and movies you watch, but they are NOT required, so please don't get upset or come to me when a user posts a perfectly acceptable post-episode comment "spoiling" something for you when you didn't watch the show on time.

    If you have specific questions on spoiler etiquette, use or application, please post them here.
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    Got it. Thanks for explaining

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