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Thread: Mika Zibanejadís Disastrous Decline Raises Jack Eichel Question for Rangers

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    See? I miss 2 days up here after celebrating that Caps win, and Uncle Larry's bored and stirring the pot.

    No way, man! ...Mika's gonna be fine, and we stay the course with this team. We just tossed a gem against a VERY tough team, and we're playing an absolute "shut down" smothering defensive style. I just get the feeling that these guys really like each other; you can see it when they score goals and win games. There's a true "feel good for one another" type mentality in these guys, and I like that shit!

    When you play for the "other guy", instead of for yourself and your stats, it leads to big things.

    I say just leave these guys alone, and if we're going to make changes, we'll do it when it NEEDS to be done, not because Uncle Larry needs ratings. Right now this team I think just NEEDS to play games and learn. TOGETHER!

    That game Saturday afternoon was probably one of the best efforts I've felt from this squad in years. I gotta admit, I peed a little when Laffy scored!!

    They're getting better with every game...every once in a while there's gonna be a stinker, I get it...but if we just keep our eye on the the prize, we'll get there. It's gonna take time for these guys to become men, so I'm not rushing my expectations.

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    While I didnít read all the replies here, my thought is, people forget he had COVID. I think it is still holding him back to an extent. As time goes by, I think we will see a better and better Zib.

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