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Thread: Rangers Draft [D] Braden Schneider in 1st Rd. (19th) Pick

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    Nice to hear, Dunny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
    One more blurb..

    "I like him much more than Guhle. He is pretty talented and really tough."
    Guhle was championed by the old schoolers, for whom a modicum of of skating and passing was icing on a cake of hitting and physicality. By most accounts, Schneider brings a much broader set of tools.

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    “His offensive game really took a step last year,” Brandon GM Darren Ritchie said. “He’s had more confidence taking the puck up the ice. He can pass it, jump into lanes and get it back in the offensive zone. You could see that confidence growing as the season went on. His ability of making a first pass out of the zone is really strong and that’s what’s going to make him a really good pro in the NHL.”

    And Schneider is pretty set on figuring out new ways to get better. He said that’s always been his biggest takeaway from his time playing with Team Canada. Schneider played seven games at the 2019 world juniors and then in the World Juniors Showcase.

    “To make those teams you have to learn,” he said. “And the biggest thing I learned is that if you want to play at that level you have to change your game. Whenever I play for them I fill a role of being a guy that is super hard to play against, kills penalties and can get the puck out of the zone quickly for the guys who get the scoring done.

    “It’s been unbelievable every time I’ve been at that level.”

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