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Thread: Pronman/Wheeler 2019 Draft Grades

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    Pronman/Wheeler 2019 Draft Grades


    New York Rangers: A
    The Rangers got a huge piece in Kaapo Kakko, a projected star in the NHL. On Day 2 I thought they helped their system. It wasnít the exact order I would have taken players in, but I think both Matthew Robertson and Zachary Jones are NHL defensemen. I also think Karl Henriksson and Leevi Aaltonen are very much on the NHL radar. If they get three players from this draft, including Kakko, that would be a great draft, and I think thatís realistic.


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    I was really high on Matthew Roberston heading into the season (like late first round high) and then he never really took the big steps I was expecting out of a long defenceman with his skillset. Thereís a TON to work with there though. A worthwhile project.

    The Karl Henriksson pick at No. 58 fits that same mould too. Heís a little guy with loads of talent as a passer. If he can get a little stronger and learn to go to the net, heíll be good.

    I love Zachary Jones, too. He ranked No. 63 on my board and I debated having him several slots higher. He was a kid who I recently wrote about as a potential sleeper and I think thatís true at No. 68.

    All told, I liked what the Rangers did on Day 2. The Leevi Aaltonen pick really jumped out at me in the fifth round. He ranked at No. 92 in my final ranking and I included him as one of my 10 sleepers of the draft for his fearlessness (heís 5-foot-9 but he doesnít play like it). Thatís a great pick 130thoverall. A worthwhile swing on talent (as most swings on talent tend to be).

    So, all told..well done Jeff & Co? I'll happily admit to not knowing anything about anyone they picked on day 2.

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    Pronman/Wheeler 2019 Draft Grades

    Thx for the summary - Iím glad weíre stocking the farm in addition to having potential NHL players too. Iím a believer in our management squad.

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    Yay lil guys.

    Atleast we got one player out of this draft.

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    Kakko alone is good enough for one draft. All these other picks looks like high reward picks, and I like that in the situation weíre in. The farm is so god damn stacked now.

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    per my other thread, i'd like to see a bit more depth re forwards in the system but believe so far we've done a hell of a job.
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