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Thread: Top-Five Starting to Take Shape

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    Quote Originally Posted by So Nashty View Post
    Yea but when was the last time this team had a true #1C. The thought makes me drool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    Eh, I'd rather be right on the wing than "solve the C issue." With enough talent on the wing, you don't need to have a C who does much other than be responsible, especially after the first line.

    I mean, if you have Kreider and Buch as your 3rd-line wingers, you're in a pretty good spot regardless of your C depth.

    After Zib, I actually think you can do well, two years from now, filling out your depth chart at C with Chytil, Lias, Howden, Nieves and maybe Barron.
    It's tempting to think the rebuild ends after 16 months thanks to some good pingpong ball luck, but that's kind of unlikely. These folks are still really young and really raw. Even with Kakko, and Kravtsov, and so's gonna be another year or two at least. Remember that both the Pens and Caps picked top 3 the year Ovechkin and Crosby debuted.

    Next year is a pretty strong C draft too - so if Lias, Chytil, Howden, Barron, whomever aren't looking like centers at the NHL level, we've got a few outs there in the "not splashing Brinks trucks" way.

    Not to count chickens before they hatch, but let's face it, barring a few big moves, we're going to be pretty bad next year too. You know who might look good in our shirt? Quinton Byfield. 6'4, 215 16 year old PPG lefty center. Probably a top 5 pick next year, and almost assuredly the right "last piece of the puzzle"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    You know what I mean

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