We tried to create a new thread for politics with a clear directive on what is acceptable and it didn't help. So, now we are forced to take more drastic measures. Here are the new rules:

1. If we find a post in this section of the forum that has to be deleted, an infraction will be given. No more warnings. No more Staff cleaning up after needless personal spats. If you troll someone, post a snide remark, or engage in divisive partisanship, YOU WILL BE INFRACTED. No questions asked.

2. Two infractions in a thread will earn a permanent thread ban. No exceptions.

We're playing for keeps now, so my suggestion to all of you is to seriously think about what you post before you press "Reply." Anything that any member of the Staff finds so much as questionable is all that's going to be needed to issue straight infractions from this point on. Moreover, before you hit "Reply," ask yourself if what you just typed is adding value to the conversation. If not, what is it doing other than moving the goal posts (arguing in bad faith) or moving the debate backward (a huge no-no)?

Lastly, we're closing the General Politics thread along with this new rollout as it seems to be of negative value. Instead, moving forward, new topics get new threads. This will require you to, at the very least, properly quote an article to set the stage as it should be from the onset. It's also more likely to develop positive conversation (we hope).