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Thread: Lundqvist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugg View Post
    Richter had a stretch from 1994 through the 1995 World Cup that was off the charts. But other than that, he was mostly....pretty good. Also the guy that blew a 60 foot wrister in the 1992 ECF vs. the Pens, which was unforgivable. And gave up a late goal in game 7 of the ECF that made "Matteau" necessary.

    Lundqvist has had a career like Tony Esposito. And the lack of a Cup hurts him in these kinds of conversations. The cap isn't his fault, but doesn't change his contract being a disaster right now.
    His contract is of no consequence right now.
    I mean, it would be practical if they were able to move him and make space for Shesty and Georgiev next season, but his contract isn't stopping the Rangers from making the moves they need to make.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugg View Post
    As much as I hate to type this, if I have one game I have to win, I'm picking Billy Smith. A nasty miserable douche on the ice(and by most accounts an affable Irish guy with a few pints in him), but he won more big games than anyone else.
    Too bad we can't count Tretiak. If I have one game to stake my life on, I want Tretiak in there, Bugg! I always thought he was one of the best goalies ever.

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