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Thread: Rangers Will Remember This Chris Kreider Disappearing Act

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    The years thing is simple mathematics. Players are looking at a total number, so the years to get to it are probably not of major concern. For example, I doubt Panarin particualrly cares about 6, 7, or 8 years. What he cares about is the $80 million he stands to make by signing whatever deal he signs in free agency. Teams have to give extra years to bring the AAV to a more managable number.

    $80 million over five years, for example, is $16 million per season. Versus $11.5 (rounded) over seven. That, to me, is the reason these guys all sign these deals.

    That's not to say there isn't value in Panarin signing, say, a three-year deal for $45 million ($15 million AAV) and then coming back to free agency again at 31 when he can probably do it again (bringing his grand total to $90 million or more), but there's more risk in that than signing the 7-year contract he's bound to be offered this summer that guarnatees him $80 million no matter what.
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