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Thread: [RS] (#70) Rangers @ Vancouver Canucks // How to Burn Your Own City: Vol. 1

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    Kind of. Their young guys will get better. They can go fishing in trades or free agency. Maybe both. There's really lots of room for improvement, and they have a great culture (by all accounts) with then youth they do have at the moment.

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    I'm dumbfounded. I usually am irked that the refs are chicken to call a 5 no matter how egregious the foul. I can't remember any 5s all year. Usually you get 2 or maybe 4 for just about spearing someone in the face or planting them into the boards like a runaway tractor trailer. Now, the College of Cardinals gets together and comes up with a five even if none of them immediately called anything. Both of the tonight's 5s should be rescinded tonight, but I'll bet they only rescind one, because it would be embarrassment to rescind two fives in one period against one team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirtyONE View Post
    You know, I'm glad the Rangers are losing these games but it really illustrates how far they have to climb if they intend on being even somewhat relevant next season.
    These losses go to show how much the Rangers are going to improve by a team perspective. We have the youth to grow as great members of this franchise, and the veterans who already know what their expectations are (execpt the disgraces of Staal and Shattenkirk) and those players will make this team a playoff contender, if not a cup contender.

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    The disgrace of Marc Staal, lol.

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    Kreider fined $5,000 by NHL
    Lias Andersson for #AJT2019

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