Now he’s hauling ass.

After twice being denied a vanity plate bearing his surname by Canada’s Saskatchewan Government Insurance agency, David Assman plastered a decal of a mocked-up “Assman” plate across the back of his pick-up truck.

“Just as Sgi anticipated me appealing my denial I also anticipated them refusing my appeal ! I could have got a plate for the front but I really wanted a vanity plate on the back of my truck!” Assman wrote on Facebook along with a photo of his creation.

Assman, who was first denied the vanity plate last week, appealed to Canadian officials Tuesday and they rejected his request again.

In the end, the SGI, which reportedly deemed Assman’s request an “unacceptable slogan,” apparently had no hard feelings about the way he got around their decision.

“All’s well that ends well,” they cleverly wrote on Twitter.