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Thread: Igor Shesterkin

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCCP View Post
    U drunk?

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    Getting there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
    OK, and I played on both sizes during the same season every year until Junior. I didn't find it even noteworthy.
    I'm sure it's a different experience for everyone.
    The fact you did it every season probably has something to do with it. And I imagine as a kid you probably don't care all that much.
    For my brother and I, playing our whole lives to that point on a bigger sheet and then moving over to play junior hockey at the highest level it's definitely a significant transition.
    In Shestyorkins case, he'll have played something like 17-18 seasons as a goaltender on a European sheet and making the transition at NHL will obviously take some getting
    used to. He might be able to make the switch immediately, but I think most goaltenders (and skaters) need some sort of adjustment period to get used to it.

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    I'm really curious why Magnus Hellburg is SKAs starting goalie over Igor in the second round. SKA won the first two games with Hellburg so I guess they figure, why change what's working. I hope Magnus doesn't tell Igor how he hated his NA experience, if he did.

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