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Thread: James Dolan Weighs in on the Rangers’ Current ‘Course’

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravesy View Post
    I buy the argument about cap space, but that's neither here nor there and a separate discussion to whether Lundqvist was the main reason they didn't win a cup.
    Unless you're making the mother of all assumptions; the Rangers would have spent the extra cap space on a player or two that would have propelled them to the cup.
    This is the only mental gymnastics that could make this argument somewhat valid but my brain is out of shape and I couldn't do a cartwheel to save my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slobberknocker View Post
    while i wasn't a big fan of the 8 mln dollar contract, the guy has done as solid a job as anyone repping ranger blue.

    for a lot of years he was a goalie the rest of the league was envious not to have.

    sometimes you don't know what you have if your too close to it.
    I agree ,I don't think anyone is ,but this ranger organisation cant seem to find a Stud up front to sign to a contract like Hanks ,of course now it would be more

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4EverRangerFrank View Post
    Liked your article posted to Twitter.

    Questions to be considered next; Should Sather be the next to go in this rebuild? How about Ruff? The D is rough.
    Thanks, Frank.

    Link here, if anyone else wants to read it:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
    Both opinions are correct. He was instrumental in any success we enjoyed, but also gave up brutal goals that changed series'.

    Karlsson goal was as bad at as bad a time as any I can remember anyone letting in.

    The OT goal from Kucherov from the blueline, Federov from the circle, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post

    The OT goal from Kucherov from the blueline, Federov from the circle, etc.
    That 2015 series was a nightmare for Lundqvist. Don't forget that ridiculously weak Killorn goal in Game 7 to take the lead in the 3rd period.

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