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Thread: [RS] (#29) Rangers at Florida Panthers // Oh, Right – Hockey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil in Absentia View Post
    The Rangers grade out poorly and the Canes grade out well in litearlly one category. One. I shared one, single statistic that is barely advanced. It's so not advanced, in fact, you can count it at home while #WatchingTheGame.

    The record is what it is — which is a house of cards propped up by shootout wins and elite goaltending. This is borne out by the negative goal differential, the bottom-of-the-barrel shot share metrics, their near-basement ROW, and utterly average GF/GP, among others.

    But let's try it this way. You think this is a good team? Prove it. Show me the math — any math — that supports this.
    I don’t think they are good. I don’t advanced stats to tell me that. We tend to focus only on the rangers. The question is how many teams really are good? In today’s nhl there is a handful actual cup contenders, everybody else has their problems too. So I don’t think the rangers are good at all yet they stay relevant because on a nightly basis they can accumulate points against equally flawed teams. The goaltending they are getting may very well be the difference in them posting a better record then advanced stats suggest. Almost 30 games in that’s exactly what’s happened. Other teams get points through shootouts too. My entire point is not to argue how good they are. Listing stats to illustrate they suck means nothing when their record proves that those stats don’t always tell the entire picture. Their record proves that even those who want who want to simplify or confuse (depends on the beholder)expected outcomes by advanced stats have proven nothing.

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    I dont fancy stat much, sometimes ask for a chart to see if I'm missing something. Watching Carolina, sometimes that team is every where, fast, and getting a ton of shots. But they also cant score and their goaltending has been shit. I'd think they'd have a better chance at improving their overall success more than a team relying on a goaltender to stand on his head and shoot outs.

    but I also didnt look back to see what you guys are
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