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Thread: 2018-19: Out of Town Scoreboard

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    (The Islanders will play their first-round series at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island; should they advance, all subsequent rounds will be at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn).

    What kind of bizarre world the Islanders players must live in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zman View Post
    I'm watching Tampa Bay vs washington right now. And i'm not rooting against TB, as there are too many former Rangers, and who know, maybe they could win it...but...

    I'm not impressed. They are hanging on by a thread in this game. And every time i watch them, they have such a high shooting percentage, I just don't see it. it's like they get 4 chances, score on 3, then hold on.

    Sounds familiar? they are just like the Rangers of old. High regular season shooting pct, but lets see what happens in playoffs.
    They are getting outworked and out shot and just trying to rely on Vailevskiy. I think we all know thats not a recipe for success, relying on you goaltender.

    If they lose this series against Columbus? .... Then they are the Rangers of old

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    Jon Cooper can’t adjust and is soft as shit. Where have we seen this before?

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