Last spring, MSG reached out asking if I wanted to by season tix. I said sure, but I cannot do a full season let alone half. Even the 11-game plans are a challenge for me since I live an hour away and travel for work out of the region.

MSG said, "What works for you?" I told them 5 games and maybe 6 or 7. They told me that they understood that attendance this season might be a bit challenging, so they were working on more fan-friendly options...including a 5-gamer like I wanted. "Sit where you want each game, you can even mix it up with upper-level and lower bowl seats if you want." It all sounded good and I put down $250/seat as a non-refundable deposit. As 'Thank you' they gave me 2 tix to one of the last home games of the season last year.

My ticket representative has been in touch with me off and on since last spring and has done a good job of keeping me informed about deadlines coming up. Last week, I sent him the dates for 5 games we could definitely attend and requested 'front row' above the suites or nearby (Row 2-3) for end-row seats.

When he called me a couple of days ago to finish out my selections, I learned about 'dynamic pricing' (which I already anticipated) and that "there was absolutely no front row seats left." In fact, he went on to say, "most of the 200-level is not available and I can give you ROW 22" which I think is next to the last row. He did have plenty of 100-level seats if I wanted to step up.

After reviewing my schedule of games, and learning the Captitols game on a Saturday afternoon was going to cost me over $400 per seat for last row, I told him to please relay a message to F-face Dolan. You can imagine what the message was (conjure your own and it's probably close). I also said that I'll reverse the charge on my CC and that since people (attempt to) do it to our business regularly, I will prevail. I was clear in telling the ticket rep that I wasn't mad at him the messenger, but at MSG who obviously is lying to fans. There is no f-ing way that these tickets are all gone -- especially since single-game seats did not go on sale yet.

Guess what? He called me hours later saying he "went to bat for me" with his supervisor and that more ticket inventory is now available. Maybe yes, but likely no. IDK for sure. It seem so disingenuous to treat fans this way. Had he sold me what I wanted first, then said, "Hey Frank, for a few more dollars we can upgrade you to..."X" I would have likely played along. Not a good experience by far.

Overall, I have 5 game for $2,094 = about $209/seat for SJS, WAS, NYI, BOS & CAN over the season. I'll get 1-2 more games from a friend piecing out his full-season tix and that should do it. BTW - to round out our hockey fix, we bought an ARMY Hockey 6-pack for this season as well. And probably 1 game at Prudential when the NYR visit them.