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Thread: Brendan Smith's Road to Redemption Begins Now

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
    They sure do give a good talking to players after a whistle and after their goalie gets run or interfered with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil in Absentia View Post
    Those teams also climbed back into ANY game they were down in. A trait entirely lost under AV. Trailing 2-0 after two in 2011? Still in it. Significant chance they'd at least tie it up and take the game to OT. Trailing 2-0 in 2017? Game over.

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    Oh yeah. Totally. Has nothing to do with with the subject of playing physical and sticking up for teammates. That's what we're talking about now right? (Honestly, I'm on vacation and may not be totally with it)..

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