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Thread: Nick Boynton: Everything's Not O.K.

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    Nick Boynton: Everything's Not O.K.

    "I don’t want to die. But, you know, nothing is for certain. And I’m tired of keeping quiet."


    You don't need a better pull quote than this. This is a terrifying read.

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    Yeah, I had to stop reading this one. It's heavy. I'll def give it another try.

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    Powerful. I’ve dealt with mental health issues in my life and know where he is coming from although I’m glad to say mine were not on the same level.

    This isn’t just a league wide problem it’s a society wide problem. Depression & anxiety are not something you can cure with a pill and time often just exacerbates the problem rather than heals it.

    I’m amazed that he was traded after reaching out to the team.. how does the NHLPA not have rules in place to prevent something like this?

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