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Thread: Pronman’s 2018 NHL Draft Rankings: Top 74 Prospects

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    Pronman’s 2018 NHL Draft Rankings: Top 74 Prospects

    Read an interesting article by Corey Pronman in the Athletic this morning. He doesn't love the prospects after Dahlin nearly as much as everyone else.

    He says:
    The 2018 draft class is an average draft class. At the top of the class, a bulk of the talent is in defensemen, with very few centers. The top prospect is a legit first overall talent, with the next tier being a reasonable bunch of players for the top five but none who stand out as exceptional for that range. The talent level is solid but there’s more risk than usual.
    Seems to suggest that, in his opinion, pawning the house to trade up for Svech/Zadina might not be a great idea.
    He then goes significantly off the board in his ratings. The top 3 is the same as everybody else, but from there he goes

    4. Kotkaniemi
    8. Bokk
    10. Merkley
    17. Bouchard
    20. Dobson
    21. Ty Smith
    27. Farabee

    Interesting to read a very different take on the draft. You might think he's just trying to be controversial, but the legwork to arrive at the ratings is solid enough.

    And before you ask, Tkachuk is at #9. Some of you will be happy with that.
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