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Thread: Mike Hoffman's Girlfriend Allegedy Harassed Melinda and Erik Karlsson

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    His cap hit is a bigger issue than his wife.
    Lias Andersson for #AJT2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirtyONE View Post
    His career could be over, honestly. He already said this is “150% false” and if it’s false, then great. But if not. If he stuck by this woman and she did these things, his career is in serious trouble.
    So which team has strong group of wives (tough Ruskies and Eastern Euro's with some heft, broken English and pit hair) who can keep the psycho in check?

    Or Hoffman can get a decent contract in the KHL. His women will love the social life in Chelyabinsk.

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    First, while I don't want to paint NHL wives and GFs with too broad a brush, given the money and status involved, there are, no doubt, more than a typical share of very manipulative problematic women among them.

    Second, given the comments of many players' women about Hoffman's GF, it seems likely that she had at least a catty backstabbing attitude toward Karlsson's wife. That doesn't mean that she's the one behind the cyberbullying. There are innumerable trolls out there. It wouldn't surprise me if she were responsible for some antisocial behavior but not the bulk of the cyber stuff that went down.

    Between all this, the team's melt down last year, the arena and attendance issues, and the likelihood of a distracting brouhaha surrounding the GM leading to his ultimate dismissal over the groping thing, Karlsson would be crazy to stake his future on this team. He's not going to be there opening night. It's going to be years before any good NHL player who has a say in the matter wants to play in Ottawa.

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