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Thread: No Playoff Surprises from the East So Far

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    No Playoff Surprises from the East So Far

    Watching the Devils lose in 6 to TB, the Flyers lose in 6 to Pitts, then Columbus lose last night to WA made me think the Rangers made the right move.

    Why kill to get in the PO's just to win 2 games and get ousted. No underdogs seem to be coming through yet. Look how those top teams are dominant. Even WA was dominant most games, but only lost the 2 in OT.

    And everyone was talking about the Devils at the start of the season. Still not good enough. Although i guess they are in a rebuild.

    Even the letter explaining they were going to blow it up before the trade deadline makes sense. Let the team tank a little bit by sending the letter. You can't TELL them to tank, but that letter sealed the deal for the Rangers. And the only team to so far hold on is Toronto. And what do they have?

    A lot of young guys from the draft and are in the process of a rebuild.

    Look at the Flyers? do you see them being better next year without major changes again? They're avoiding the inevitable.

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    Yup, good move by the Rangers selling. They would have been throttled by any of the winning OR losing teams so far in the EAST.

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    Zman, if the Rangers assessment of the league was that there were 8 or 9 Cup contending teams, it was a good one. Basically the 9 teams alive today are still playing for good reason. They are a solid notch or two above the rest of the NHL. Only Toronto has an exploitable serious weakness, their blue line. Boston just needs to get it past Andersson. All of them would have mowed through us.

    Even borderline teams like the Wild, BJs, AVs, Blues and Devils were clearly better than us. The Devil's young players will benefit from their experience this year. That organization did not do anything wrong in their rebuild. Our situations are different. We did the right thing too, letter or no letter. It was time to accumulate as many cost controlled assets as possible and focus on the draft.
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    Philly throwing garbage? ClASSy organization. Idiots.
    NJ? Just go off a die somewhere.
    Boston - getting finessed much? Not your same Toronto doormat from a few short years ago, huh?
    Tampa? Going to mop the floor with anyone from the east and might just have it in them to drink champagne.

    And a resounding "Hell-yeah!"that we didn't re-mortgage the future yet again this season. Hindsight in this case is a solid 20/20 - lasic surgery, CVS reading glasses and all. LOL

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