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Thread: (#55) Rangers vs. \_(ツ)_/ // Playoffs Start Tonight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giacomin View Post
    Nash and Grabs each score. Flames win 4-2
    No prop, got the wrong team winning.

    How about Nash and Grabs each pot another today. Who is betting against them?

    Someone said it earlier in the thread (we saw it with the isles), when you watch Grabner you just think... that's a hockey player. I'd rather resign him then any other player his age or older. Why sign Kovy when we can sign Grabs for 3 years? Anyone here have a problem with him being on our team?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamsim67 View Post
    The F Bomb lol
    My buddy and I watching a Rangers / Isles game on TV years ago...both announcers go quiet at the same time and as clear and loud as one of them said it themselves right into the mic....

    "FUCK YOU, TONELLI!!!!!!"

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