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Thread: Jeff Gorton, Glen Sather Pen Message to Fans Ahead of Deadline

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    After thinking about it, I think the main reason they sent out that letter to the fans is because Zuccarello is a goner. He's going to be 32 after next season where he will be a free agent. They would either have to sign him to a 5-6 year deal (not worth) to carry him through age 37-38 or watch him walk. Love Zuccarello but he's not quite as good as the fans have made him out to be. A 20 goal scorer one time...and concerned about his game really regressing the next couple of seasons to want to commit long term money. Again, love Zuccarello and his attitude and chippiness he brings to the ice, but he won't be worth the long term deal he'll get at his age summer 2019.

    Ryan McDonagh is the only other one (besides Hank who is not getting traded) who would give them reason to write that letter, but I don't think they will trade him because even if we rebuild over the next few years, he would still only be 31-32 and most likely still good with plenty of hockey left. He's way better than Marc Staal or Dan Girardi ever were, so personally I don't see that argument as legitimate hesitation to signing him to a 5 or 6 year deal at 30 years old next offseason. He has a lot of value as captain, leader of the team, and a mentor to younger defensemen being brought up.

    The plan I could see them pursuing is trading Nash, Grabner, Zuccarello, and Holden:

    - Nash for 1st rounder + NHL ready prospect (more than one team will offer a first, it will be who offers more)

    - Grabner for 1st rounder + 3rd rounder or middle tier prospect (same as above)

    - Zuccarello for 1st rounder + prospect + young NHL roster player (roughly)

    - Holden for 2nd-3rd rounder (2nd might be high, but it seems other teams like him - regardless, anything we get for Holden is just gravy)

    In the off-season they would try to re-sign Nash and Grabner. They would have essentially the same roster minus Zuccarello, but would have gained a ton of picks/prospects from the trades. It accomplishes both goals of remaining competitive during a rebuild. Call it a 80% full rebuild effort. Potential lineup next season:

    Kreider - Zibanejad - Buchnevich
    JT Miller - Chytil? - Nash
    Vesey - Hayes - Grabner
    ? - Lettieri? Andersson? - Fast

    McDonagh - Shattenkirk
    Skjei - ?
    Staal? - DeAngelo?

    The holes may also be filled from the picks, prospects, or players received from the trades.

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    Go Rangers!!

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    According yo Bob McKenzie

    The rangers are basically operating with their roster on a zero sum huger, his words

    Meaning they are basically floating every player on their roster out there other than hank and seeing if the return for them is more valuable to them then that specific player. He says it’s a totally new way and fascinating way to judge your roster. He says the rangers are trying to determine who they choose to marry themselves too. Do they want to be tied to Hayes, miller, skeij etc long term or are the pieces coming back a better value. Check out his podcast on To hear it. He also says the only untraceable players are Staal and Shattenkirk. Do much for that bargain

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    Follow up letter penned:

    via Reddit

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    New twitter account, who dis?

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