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Thread: Return of the Whale? Well, Sort of...

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    Return of the Whale? Well, Sort of...

    The blue and green of the Hartford Whalers could hit the NHL again soon.

    New Hurricane owner Tom Dundon said in a radio interview on Tuesday afternoon that he’s open to the idea of his team wearing Whalers throwback jerseys.

    “I think that’s just an unbelievably good look and brand,” Dundon told WRAL’s Joe Ovies. “I love it. I think we should have a store that sells our merchandise online and that Whalers merchandise. I think we should explore playing games in that jersey and selling that gear. It’s part of the legacy and I think it’s—I just like cool stuff. If we don’t it will mean something went wrong. There’s a couple of things we have to do but we’re working on it.”

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    Lias Andersson for #AJT2019

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    I like the idea also
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    One of the local Duluth teams, in game jerseys, always a nod to the whale.
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    One of the sexiest jerseys in the NHL.

    Sidenote - it's time for the NHL to start remembering Atlanta. The Flames/Thrashers were both here for a cup of coffee but deserve some recognition, at least in video game form. Have their jerseys be available in EA Sports NHL or have them worn in warm up.

    If you *ever plan on going back to the south (which I'd argue they may due to Nashville's success) you need to foster this type of community.

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