Former White House strategist Steve Bannon has left his job as executive chairman of Breitbart News, the website said in a statement on Tuesday, Bloomberg News reports.

Bannon has been engaged in a public feud with President Donald Trump since a book was published last week that quoted him disparaging the president and his family. The White House has pressured its allies to cut ties with Bannon, and after his remarks in the book “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff became public, he lost the support of the Mercer family, his closest financial patrons.

The New York Times reported that Bannon was forced out by billionaire Breitbart investor Rebekah Mercer, who earlier this month cut ties with the former White House chief strategist.


So much for his opposition party, eh? Not only did he come groveling back to Trump earlier this week, but now he's out at his former post for the second time in like a calendar year.

Trump claims another victim. RIP Sloppy Steve.