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Well they said the same thing about Girardi. At some point, especially in the way G and Staal have been scapegoated, Mac deserves criticism.

I don't pretend to know why, but Mac does not use his legs anymore. At his peak - the playoff series against Montreal during the finals run - he was dynamic all over the ice because he was the fastest player. I'm not sure if AV doesn't want defensemen to skate with the puck, or he's hurt, or he's lost a step, or what the deal is. But Mac no longer uses his legs, spare a play here and there.

Him skating into the offensive zone and putting Vegas on their heels is what led to the late push (right before the Carey chance). That's the shit he should be doing constantly, and it's his ceiling. That's what put him in the Norris conversation a few years ago. At this point, though, there's very little to separate him from the Marc Vlasic, Erik Johnson, and Dmitry Orlovs of the world.
His brain is scrambled and he's got a bad shoulder.

He's playing hurt.

Every few weeks he feels better, skates more, and makes himself vulnerable to a huge hit. rinse and repeat.