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I was out in Vegas and went to the game.

  • Very good fan experience, the building is loud as hell. The # of Rangers fans was nuts, season ticket holder next to me said it was the biggest visiting crowd he'd seen all year. Their fans made a good bit of noise to try and drown out the Rangers chants, made for a really fun game to be at.
  • Fleury played terrific, he stole the game
  • Vegas plays a very refreshing game to watch. They play within their system and don't get over their ski's. Gallant has done a great job
It looked like a blast in the stands! I think it was probably the most active visiting crowd I've seen all year from just listening to the background noise!

I agree, Fleury was terrific...so was Hank!

Vegas plays a very up tempo type game. They are very fast, and with Gallant being the guy over there, he's a no-nonsense, teaching-type coach. He'll have those guys ready for the playoffs and they'll make some noise for years to come.