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Thread: Nash for Picks in the 2018 Draft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh View Post
    Would you guys be open to trading Nash and/or Grabner within the division? I could see NJ putting up a pretty penny for Nash, and Penguins being all over Grabner. (Even though Nash will sign with the Penguins during the offseason)
    Open to trading within the division, sure, but for a premium. I'm not helping anyone in our division win anything without going for the jugular and getting a player that hurts them in the long run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmc51 View Post
    A lot of debate in this thread. In my opinion, there are only two logical paths. You either go for it or you rip the entire team apart. No in between. It would be incredibly pointless to make only one trade that would almost certainly cripple any kind of playoff chances this year. You don't trade Nash, Grabner, Zuccarello, or McDonagh unless your goal is to trade them all. Moving Nash and Grabner for 2nd round picks is not worth missing a playoff spot. Moving just Zuccarello or McDonagh, rather than both, is not committed enough to rebuilding and the return for just one of them would not be worth missing a playoff spot.

    I just hope Gorton picks a direction and goes all in with it. The in-between stuff will hurt us badly short term and not help us as much long term. We can't have it both ways.
    That's kinda what I think. If they are giving up on the season I trade anyone that brings back a serious return (ie 1st round picks AND top prospects). I don't want to add more mediocre picks to the remaining semi mediocre roster with no Nash and Grabner. I don't hand the reigns over to Miller and Hayes to fill that gaping hole. Poor Zib and Kreider. This team is going to stink.

    I guess tear it down...... If it's ok with Lundqvist...

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