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Thread: Report: Orioles Could be Convinced to Trade Machado to Yankees

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    Report: Orioles Could be Convinced to Trade Machado to Yankees

    Last week, the Baltimore Orioles were reportedly unwilling to deal Manny Machado to a team that would flip the star infielder to the New York Yankees, but the right offer might change Peter Angelos' mind about dealing directly with New York.

    The Orioles majority owner has historically been reluctant to make deals with the Yankees, and sending them a young, franchise player such as Machado would be particularly out of the ordinary. However, Angelos could sign off on such a deal for the right return, a source told Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun.

    Not only do the Yankees have one of the best farm systems in baseball, but the Orioles would have no recourse if they traded Machado to another team and that club subsequently moved him to the Bronx.

    Baltimore is reportedly asking for at least two controllable starting pitchers in return for Machado.

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    Machado is a great player, obviously, but only one year of control left and will likely cost a premium for intra AL East transaction.

    I'd prefer Jay's moved Donaldson to Yanks as the division is hopeless at this point anyways, and keep prospects out of Orioles hands.

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    I'd watch.
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    They will probably trade Machado to that new Yankee farm team, the Miami Jeters and watch Captain Mediocre flip him to the Bronx for a long reliever and a backup utility infielder in low Class A.

    Just like Stanton for a mediocre 2B and "prospects"

    Back to the old Kansas City Athletic farm team days

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    He is such a good player I'd love to see him on the Mets, but the Penny Pinching Mets won't do a thing
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