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Thread: Ducks Lose Ryan Getzlaf Up to Two Months Following Facial Surgery

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    Ducks Lose Ryan Getzlaf Up to Two Months Following Facial Surgery

    The hits just keep coming for the Anaheim Ducks. Today, the team announced that Ryan Getzlaf has undergone surgery on his zygomatic (cheek) bone and will be out up to two months. Getzlaf was hit in the face with the puck on October 29th against Carolina, and had the surgery yesterday to repair a fracture.
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    I believe he plays without a shield. If so, would that have prevented the injury?
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    Sucks. Didn't he start the season injured too?
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    I think this is the end of the Perry/Getzlaf combo. At least one of them is going to be moved by the end of the season I think, and it's hard to justify keeping one without the other.

    Cogliano will also be a really good get for someone, come the deadline. UFA after this year - might actually be someone for NYR to keep an eye on both at the deadline and as a UFA. Could be a Grabner replacement.
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