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Thread: [RS] (#14) Rangers at Tampa Bay Lightning // Play Like AV's Career Depends on It

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valriera View Post
    I missed all this but wanted to clarify. I consider this trade a win because I think that if we didn't trade Callahan, we would have resigned him for roughly what he's making now, and then be stuck with his contract. To me the trade was those draft picks for the freedom of not being stuck with his contract, and MSL was just a bonus. In my opinion that's worth it. If he was just going to walk after the season was over then obviously it was a bad trade but I don't think that was likely. I think he would have gotten resigned, and then we would be stuck with him doing nothing and getting paid for it.
    MSL, for us, even though not MVP MSL was still a solid player, good contributor, good leader and on a great contract. And, as a third liner here, practically outproduced 1st line TB winger Callahan in half the time. 52 pts vs 54 pts (best seasonthrough 5)

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    I was at the game Thursday, AMAZING! Our quality chances far outweighed theirs, just couldn't finish. Had roughly 3-4 Breakaways from the top of the circle and in, just didn't bury the puck. Coulda been a blowout in our favor in all honesty. Shatty out of the box, Mac from the left side circles, and a post hit early in the First. We were all over them for most of the game, but one thing I noticed, they throw everything at the net, regardless of if it hit the net or not. We had more shots and I STILL thought we overpassed multiple times. Hell, they almost scored on a point shot that they just threw at the net, but it got called back. I would love if our team just threw more shots on goal, we coulda easily had 50 shots that game.

    Like I said, great game to be at, Hank made big saves when he needed to, like the toe save on the doorstep with about 4 minutes left, but that game should have never been in doubt if we just finish some real quality chances from our big guns. Fun as hell though to see them play so well. Beat two of the top teams in the league, playing two completely different games. It's good when you can outscore a team with your run and gun and also to win in a low scoring, tough game. All the lack of toughness talk that this team gets, we out hit them. I only looked back at the last 3 games, but we out hit every opponent we played. I get hits don't always mean toughness, but we are getting to the body and causing some turnovers with it. I like the way the team is playing.

    Points in 6 of the last 8. LGR!

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