2017-18 Prediction Series

Poll Series Information:
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That’s right, by no popular demand, the most exciting Poll Series is back! This year we have another fantastic series of obscure, yet meaningful, polls. Each day, from now until puck drop, we will bring a new poll to test your random prediction abilities to show if you Bleed Blue. Additionally, we have some outstanding polls from previous seasons including “Lundqvist Death Stares” , “Who fights first: Del Zotto or Stepan” and "Who uses the most sticks".

Points will be accumulated when the poll question has been answered. Value of question and answer vary based on poll participants, number of options, number of games played, and accuracy. Once the season is over, we will award a winner. All winners will be verified using a neutral third party.

To be eligible, poll bids MUST be registered prior to the puck drop of the Rangers game in which incident occurs, unless otherwise specified in that poll. Winner(s) are chosen based on correct poll voting, NOT in-thread predictions unless otherwise specified. Some polls may require additional information to be submitted in the thread, but only users with the correct poll option chosen will be eligible in such polls.

2.) Shattenkirk Power Play Points
How many power play points will Shattenkirk register with the Rangers during the 2017-18 regular season?

Last 5 Seasons: (GP - PPP)
12-13: 48 - 9
13-14: 81 - 26
14-15: 56 - 25
15-16: 72 - 26
16-17: 80 - 27
Career: 490 - 146

Expanded stats: https://www.hockey-reference.com/pla...vanced-pp.html

2017-18 Prediction Series:

1.) First Primary Assist
2.) Shattenkirk Powerplay points

Previous Winners:
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2011-12: Renegade
2012-13: Morphinity
2013-14: MacTruck, Pete
2014-15: Morphinity
2015-16: DUNSEL
2016-17: just lurking

*Statistics prior to 2013-14 are fabricated.