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Thread: Mike Ribiero To Retire After Relapse

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    Mike Ribiero To Retire After Relapse

    “All I know, is that Mike hasn’t laced up the skates once since the end of the season,” Perno told La Presse (his quotes have been translated from French into English). “He doesn’t train anymore and he doesn’t go out on the ice anymore. He’s going to retire. There’s not one NHL team or a team in Europe that has reached out to me to ask about him. The way his career is going to end is really disappointing.

    Welp, I officially feel terrible for saying he looked like a druggie on the ice. I wasn't aware he had substance abuse problems to this extent. Maybe it was a widely known issue, but I didn't follow him enough to know that.

    Terrible way to end a career. Hope he is able to come to terms with his demons and accept help.

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    That's rough.

    Hope he gets help, his last 2 years have been bad enough.
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