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McDoanghs games played is very similar to Staal and Girardi 2 seasons ago (When they truly started to fall apart).

For McDonagh, I dont think the injuries, to this point, have been from playing too many minutes. Most of his injuries (shoulder and head) are from his inability to properly take a hit behind his net. He's a turning and gets rocked into the boards in awkward positions on a regular basis.

Interesting perspective on McD's play. I think he is old school take a hit to make a play, maybe almost to a fault. And with guys coming stronger and faster and more reckless, it compounds the issue.

My main drift was the abuse of that type has been mounting up with the years, and we're only looking at more of the same. the risk of him finding himself in the same situation as Staal and G is something the team will have to evaluate when the time comes to pay up or trade and move on. Of course, age and mounting damage is just one factor. We lost Michael Sauer as a young player. Anything can happen, and bad luck happens.

I used to have a predisposition to favor savvy veteran defensemen playing to a ripe old age and winning cups, but the game today does not seem to allow NYR much room for error in personnel selections and their ability to survive and thrive in the deep playoffs grind. I'm a lot more leery these days — whether it's a veteran import Free Agent or a home grown warrior captain who's gone beyond the call of duty and to whom we may owe much gratitude — the spend needs to be very balanced so there's enough youthful speed energy and resiliency.