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Thread: Ric Flair's Health in "Extremely Serious" Situation

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    Ric Flair's Health in "Extremely Serious" Situation

    @TMZ: BREAKING: Ric Flair is in a medically induced coma and preparing for surgery

    In an update since, is reporting that Flair has now undergone surgery, but the situation is still "extremely serious". and Main Event Radio are reporting that he's suffering from heart failure "due to alcoholic cardiomyopathy". In other words, long-term alcoholic abuse that leads to heart failure.
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    Wow, that's too bad.

    It's always been strange to me that Tobacco producers can't even properly label their products and what they do sell is forced to be hidden at counters yet any alcohol producer is able to market their poison to whatever degree they wish.

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    Good luck Nature Boy

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