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Thread: Kerfoot, Butcher, Toninato Highlight Class of Late Summer UFAs

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    Kerfoot, Butcher, Toninato Highlight Class of Late Summer UFAs

    Getting back on topic, Sportsnet has Kerfoot meeting with the Canucks. He's from Vancouver and is a Canucks fan so make sense, and the other name is the Rangers due to the obvious Vesey connection and lack of centers.

    Eklund has the Bruins and Preds to, but I don't think anyone on here views him as a credible source.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew a Penalty View Post
    The Rangers can have 50 maximum contracts. Why should they be worried about signing a player to a contract that can be kept in the minors if they don't work? How does that make sense? You're really arguing against an ELC? That's the easiest contract to stow away. If they don't work out, keep them in the minors. Who cares. This team also already has McDonagh, Shattenkirk, Nash, Zuccarello, etc. How much more veteran leadership do you really think they need? You need good players. I don't care if they're veterans or not.

    I don't get this wasting money arugment from you either. Where is the money being wasted? The Rangers have around $3 million of cap space with Holden on the roster. Remove him and you add another $1.65M. Signing someone like Kerfoot or Toninanto costs you $925K. Not even a million. What's this penny pinching that you're doing? If they're not good enough you just send them down to the AHL to develop more.

    The Rangers need top end talent but they also need role players. Right now they're sparse on those especially at center. If you can add a young player who can take on a third line position for almost nothing, you don't take it because he might not be more? Why? This is a cap league.

    If you're sacrifcing this season to bank on Tavares then you're making a terrible move. The Rangers have Vesey, Hayes, Skjei and Miller all expiring in the summer. Good luck fitting Tavares in when plenty of teams can outbid you pretty easily.
    I'm not totally against it. Just don't think it's a must do type of thing. Nor do I want a cupboard filled with a bunch of the same middle of the pack prospects that the organization will try to prop up and put in a bigger role than they should be in. But I guess mediocre prospects are better than no prospects.

    I'm hoping they trade for Duchene, or get in on the Tavares sweepstakes. Pretty sure they could fit him under the cap if they move a player or two.

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