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Thread: Hey Jeff Gorton, Don't Malhotra Lias Andersson

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    As good as some kids are, you just never know. There's a long list of things that can impede a player's developmental path. Prep school, junior, college, and pro scouts look so deep into players that they their heads are in their assholes. Everything and anything, from talking to their youth coaches to scanning every post made on every social media account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClearedForContact View Post
    “With the seventh overall selection in this year’s NHL Entry Draft, the New York Rangers are proud to select…”

    Over the past 20 years, the Rangers have picked in the top ten of the NHL Entry Draft only six times. Their highest selection was fourth overall, followed by a sixth, two chances at seventh and two at tenth. Five of those players tapped are a who’s who of “who?” if you aren’t a Rangers’ fan and a source of frustration if you are.

    1998 - Manny Malhotra (C) - 7th Overall
    1999 - Pavel Brendl (LW) - 4th Overall
    2002 - Dan Blackburn (G) - 10th Overall
    2004 - Al Montoya (G) - 6th Overall
    2010 - Dylan McIlrath (D) - 10th Overall

    The sixth pick is Swedish center Lias Andersson who was the Rangers’ choice at the seventh spot in the 2017 draft, a selection they secured as part of the compensation received from the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for center Derek Stepan.

    Click here to view the article.
    Not to be that guy, but you've also got Jamie Lundmark in 99. Two top 10 picks there.
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    Lundmark and Brendl

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    I think some people hoped Manny would be a big NHL scorer based on being a high draft pick but he was never a PPG scorer in juniors or the AHL so it was unlikely he would be a big scorer in the NHL.

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