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Thread: You Can Change the Outcome of One Game During Your Lifetime

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmc51 View Post
    If we are talking any sport, then Game 7 of the 2001 WS wins it for me in a landslide. The sheer joy that would have brought to NYC after 9/11 catapults it higher than any other game.
    Agreed. To be honest that was the 1st game that came to my mind when I saw the title of this thread before clicking it.

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    The reason I didn't go for the 2012 team is that even if we had won Game 6, we were dead in the water either in Game 7 or in the SCFs. Bear in mind that, at that time, no team had EVER gone 7 games in both of the first two rounds and won in the conference finals. Not to mention that was a Tortorella-era team that was beat to hell by the time they got to the playoffs. Craig Anderson pushed us to a grueling, hard-fought, 7-game series against a shitty Senators team. Capitals pushed us to 7 games too.

    I was so sad when we drew the Devils as an opponent for the ECFs, because I knew that series was over before it started and that it would turn in to bragging rights for their fair-weather fans forever. Every Devils fan I know loves to quote the line, "Henrique! It's over!" Our team was good, but they weren't history-changing or record-breaking good. And like I said, and like we all saw, they were running on fumes at that point. If we didn't then lose to NJ in Game 7, we sure as shit would've gotten swept by LA.

    What drives me nuts is that for NJ fans, that's like a defining, crowning achievement. They live for that OT. They play that goal over and over at Prudential and on broadcasts, every time we play them. It's part of their glorious legacy now, even though it didn't result in a Cup like "Matteau! Matteau!" But again, it didn't matter who we played. We were going to lose that series. We could've played the Montreal Canadiens, who had 78 points that season and a 31-35-16 record, and still lost in the ECFs. Having to play 14 games of Tortorella-style hockey, exacerbated by playoff-style hockey, after 82 games of Tortorella-style hockey, was a death sentence. As soon as that series started, I remember texting one of my Devils fan friends and saying simply, "Congratulations on making the SCFs." We weren't making history that season. No way.

    That one hurt more for me than it otherwise would have, because my father had passed away in early May during the playoffs. I thought for sure it was going to be fitting and that it was going to be the perfect bit of closure for our family, if they had won that season. Hell, I even sent the Rangers organization a letter enclosing a picture of the coffin all decked out in Rangers regalia and memorabilia with a red, white and blue floral arrangement. My dad was buried with a Brian Leetch bobblehead in the coffin. It just would've been perfect for it to happen then. But again, no fucking way. We were toast.

    2014 was the year. A few of those poorly-called penalties or non-calls go the other way, and we might even win the Cup on home ice in Game 6. Yes, I think we could've finished them off in less than 7. We HAD Games 1 and 2 in the bag. And then reffing and Dan Girardi happened.

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    Recently, and have been named - Kings series, TB series, NJ series - 1 win could have meant the cup.

    For me, after thinking about it awhile, the two games I'd add would be the first Richter concussion or the Bure knee injury. Richter was always my favorite player. Bure was a ppg player in his quick stint. That team was actually pretty decent, other than poor coaching and underperforming players. Bure was still a huge threat and could have been great for a few more seasons.
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    Wheni see this thread, It makes me think of the game Adam Graves slashed Mario Lemieux

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