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Thread: Is Slavinís Contract Skjeiís Ceiling?

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    Is Slavinís Contract Skjeiís Ceiling?

    In signing top defender Jaccob Slavin to a long-term contract, the Carolina Hurricanes has brought more clarity to the big picture surrounding Brady Skjeiís next deal. While weíve pontificated about what it might cost to sign Skjei before, Slavinís contract provides another valuable barometer; one that Rangersí GM Jeff Gorton will certainly leverage when working to extend Skjei.


    While Skjeiís point production was phenomenal last year (1.68 points per 60 minutes (pp/60), 10th among all defensemen and second among rookies), he hasnít quite reached top-pair status. That means, assumedly, that Gorton will leverage Slavinís contract as a ceiling, rather than a benchmark. Part of Skjeiís production stems from his favorable oZS of 58.8% and lack of a heavy defensive burden. Itís hard to compare him to Slavin when he played nearly six fewer minutes per game and wasnít featured on the penalty kill, where the ĎCane saw more than 3:00 per night.


    Those with similar salaries and ages to Slavinónamely Hampus Lindholm and Rasmus Ristolainenóare also their teamís top defender. In that sense, they also represent a ceiling for Skjeiís next contract. Thatís not a knock on Skjei, especially since heís stuck behind Ryan McDonagh on the depth chart, but it does push his value more towards Shayne Gostisbehere, even if heís a more well-rounded player.

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    Another young D locked up to compare Skjei to...

    Colton Parayko 5 years @ $5.5m

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    Yea - pretty much ditto for everything said about Slavin with Parayko, though I'm surprised that, out of the two, Parayko got more.

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