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Thread: Nicklas Jensen Signs With Jokerit Helsinki of KHL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew a Penalty View Post
    Did I say he was a key component to their cup run? I said he was a considerable piece. I don't know where you get this idea that centers are the only players that matter in a cup run. Penalty kills and strong fourth lines can help teams win cups. They aren't the reason, but they're a part. I wasn't a fan of Hagelin's but his contirbutions to the penalty kill and his speed made him a useful player. So much so that the team has tried not once but twice to replace his speed with similar players like Stalberg and Hagelin.

    They didn't trade him because you don't ship off players that play important roles if you're in the running for a cup. What sense does that make? He was an RFA. They still had some ability to get a return. They got a former first round pick and second round pick for a third liner. That's not much to scoff at.

    You don't restrict trading players to just centers and players that can slot up. That's actually nonsense.
    Ok so he wasn't a "key component" but was a "considerable piece"? Is there a difference? Are we being serious here?

    With Brian Boyle, Dom Moore, and countless other PK types, I never saw the exaggerated value of Hagelin. I don't even know what they could have gotten back if they DID trade him earlier. But I think it would be more than what they wound up with.

    Hagelins inability to slot up was a gigantic reason to trade him. IMO, you deal a glorified penalty killer when you know you can't afford to keep him, even if you are headed to the playoffs. Shit, maybe they could have gotten a decent D man, or a young asset who wasn't a bust already? Another D man would have gone a long way for this team back then and now. Far from nonsense..

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    Nicklas has extended his deal with Jokerit and directly rejected the Rangers. He said to Danish TV today:

    "They [the Rangers] wanted me back, but I didn't feel it made any sense. There were no guarantees, so I might as well have ended up playing in the AHL all season".

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    Yeah, he'd be competing with a slew of guys for a fourth-line role. He's more valuable overseas.

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