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Thread: Would You Want to Write for ClearedForContact?

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    Question Would You Want to Write for ClearedForContact?

    Have you ever wanted to write for a New York Rangers blog? Well, now’s your chance! ClearedForContact is looking to add a writer or two this summer. This is your chance to write about the team you love (or love to hate). Get tens of, well, tens of views on your articles!

    All kidding aside, if you’re honestly interested in trying your hand, feel free to reach out to us directly by just PMing myself or AmericanJesus. If you’ve already written and have samples to share, that’d be great. Otherwise, just let us know what your interests are. For example, do you feel like you offer specific insight on prospects, or the salary cap, or some other specified area of interest? We can also glean some information from your posting history on the forum, but it won’t be the only criteria we use to make a determination, nor will your specific opinions on players, coaches or other areas be a factor, only the quality of your writing.

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    I'm just replying so those who might be interested have easy access to my PM link as well.

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