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Thread: Why Zibanejad Absolutely Must Sign Long-Term

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh View Post
    Other than 1 season, he's closer to a 42pt per season kinda guy.

    But throw him that NTC for losing draws, not being good on the PP, suspect defensive game, below avg penalty killer, etc.
    Do you just not like the player? It seems you are kind of reaching to make the player look bad. I don't know where you have read on here that anyone has suggested anywhere near the money you say has been discussed.

    If you just don't like the guy. I think it would be a little more constructive, to say so, instead of exaggerating his play and the numbers being discussed here.

    But as i think I said earlier. If all he turns out to be is a 2nd line center.... 5 mill is a good deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil in Absentia View Post
    2010-13 was his ELC. 0.55 (45 in 82), 0.62 (51 in 82), 0.92 (44 in 48) P/GP in those years.

    They bridged him for 2013-14 to 2014-15 in which he went 0.70 (57 in 82) and 0.81 (55 in 68). Then had to go long-term at $6.5M specifically because of that bridge. Even if you throw out the third lockout shortened season from his ELC, the progression is real.

    0.55, 0.62, 0.70, 0.81.

    Zibanejad has shown similar year-to-year progression and has improved his P/GP pace in every season he’s been in the league.

    So, what would you rather do here? Sign him to or push for a two-year award in arbitration so your next negotiation buys just one year of RFA and ALL UFA years otherwise, at full market value, just like Stepan, or recognize that a 24-year old stands to be far more productive from 24-28 by giving him at least a four-year extension now at a much more affordable number?

    In short, $5.25M (let's say) for the next four, or $4M and change for the next two followed by a six- or seven-year deal worth $6.5-7M with a full No Move Clause from 26-32/33?
    I'd rather do 1 or 2 and go from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by josh View Post
    I'd rather do 1 or 2 and go from there.
    OK, but you'll hate the fourth contact so much more is my guess.

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