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Thread: Knicks/Phil Jackson To Part Ways

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    Knicks/Phil Jackson To Part Ways

    The New York Knicks and team president Phil Jackson will announce that they're parting ways early Wednesday morning, sources told ESPN.
    Took Dolan long enough to can him. Who would have thought Glen Sather would have been more successful than Phil Jackson?

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    Awful, Just awful. They pick up his option. Let him draft a player and hire a coach to fit his Triangle offense....then get rid of him? An offense that on really seems to work assuming the best players in the league are on your team.
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    I don't mind the pick he made, I actually think he's going to be a stud. But agreed, how do you go this far in the offseason with him only to fire him. I'm guessing the upper brass ordered him not to trade Porzingis at the draft and maybe then it was decided they are going to part ways with him.

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