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Thread: More Buffalo Sabres Turmoil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey37 View Post
    There's not a difference other than time. Certain guys carry weight more than others. Eichel is one of them. If McDavid wanted the coach gone, what would happen?
    I think that's the whole point Phil is making, and I agree. That time is huge. Hank was a veteran. He had played for Renney. Had played for Torts. Was in the league for 8 years carrying his team to the playoffs routinely. Most importantly he was around the league long enough to understand how it works. He understands the grind, the process, what it takes to win, how hard is is to win. What does a 20 year old kid with 142 games of experience that hasn't won shit know about running and building a successful NHL franchise? He comes off as a whiny crybaby trying to shift the blame for why they suck to other people.

    They have a lot of young players, they're gonna have another top 10 pick this year (4 picks in the top 69), they'll be fine, but what happens next year if they don't make the playoffs? Does he cry about the new coach?

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    if wayne gretzky in his rookie year told the management that he wants Glen Sather gone, we'd have 2 more cups by now

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