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Thread: What Former Rangers Player From Yesteryear Would Excel With This Rangers Team?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet View Post
    Pavel Bure
    Yes, also, welcome back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    Way to go out on a limb with three HoFers lol

    Dvorak is a good call though.

    Yeah true.
    How about:
    Adam Graves (shocked he hasn't been mentioned)
    Russ Courtnall
    Thomas Pick
    Marc Savard
    Michael Delzott
    Sergei Nemchinov

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vodka Drunkenski View Post

    That would be amazing. Still so pissed how shitty his time here was.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flynn View Post
    Mike Gartner
    Omfg yes!
    Quote Originally Posted by leetchy2 View Post
    Sergei Zubov
    Quote Originally Posted by CreaseCrusader91 View Post
    Sergei Zubov

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    This is who I thought of as soon as I read the title and op and is who I was going to say as well.

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    Gartner Dvorak and maybe Prucha

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    I've been lurking here for years. I come for comfort. So many knowledgeable people on this board. Reading these threads and the brilliant insights really calms my nerves. I never post but I had to when I saw this thread. It was the first thread I saw when I browsed here tonight, and how odd that is because all game long I kept imagining what this team would be like with an Esa Tikkanen or a Bobby Holik. This team has plenty of finesse and speed. This team needs gritty, hustling, lunch pail guys who can really staple someone into the boards.

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    Straka and Leetch. Wouldn't mind Avery back for the 4th line

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