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    Quote Originally Posted by Slobberknocker View Post
    i guess the screw the rangers button got pressed last night.\
    Rangers got absolutely SMOKED in the 3rd period. Whether that goal should have counted or not, they still gave up ANOTHER goal after it which is actually the goal that lost them the game. So we can bitch about officiating all day but the fact is the Rangers sucked in the 3rd and Raanta stood on his head to keep the score respectable.

    Also, if Rannta is available and Vegas doesn't claim him, they're fools. The guy is a really good goalie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjweimar View Post
    I actually agree with the officials. Goalie was slightly outside the crease extended his arm slightly. The offensive player had every right to that space on the ice he just made it impossible for us to come out past the blue to get an angle on it

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    I just watched the replay. Although I wasn't watching at the time, based on the replay, it looked like Raanta skated into the offensive player who was clearly outside the paint. The offensive player had his back to Raanta, had no way to know that he'd bump Raanta while trying to deflect the puck.

    Rangers lack of defense is killing us.

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