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Thread: COL Trades [F] Andreas Martisen to MTL for [F] Sven Andrighetto

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    COL Trades [F] Andreas Martisen to MTL for [F] Sven Andrighetto

    Canadiens acquire forward Andreas Martinsen from the Colorado Avalanche, in return for forward Sven Andrighetto.
    Out: Girardi, Klein, Stepan, Raanta
    In: Shattenkirk, Desharnais, Pavalec, DeAngelo/Bereglazalov/Pionk

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    Does anyone know if Montreal asked for this trade, or they just accepted a "random" offer for Andrighetto? Insteresting trade for a norwegian as Martinsen is our only other player in the NHL.

    He could be a nice physical, PKer for Montreal come playoff time - or they just wanted Andrighetto away and sends Martinsen to the AHL.

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