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Thread: Rangers/Sabres -- Oops We Forgot to do the GDT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil in Absentia View Post
    I was telling Chris (Mr. Smith) today, I love the oudoor game angles, ref cams, etc. I wish it were possible to have the suspension camera they utilize for these games at every game. Ditto the behind-the-net cam for power plays.
    My wife said the same thing about the camera angles (she watches every game too) and I tend to agree. In particular, the aerial behind the net angle gives such a different sense of how play in the offensive zone looks than the side view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rangers4Life View Post
    Watching videos on twitter, looked like a really fun atmosphere.
    It was fucking awesome.

    You sit a little far away, but the seats were fine and the aesthetic when the sun was out was great. Totally worth it.

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