Hey everybody. So my sister's 30th birthday just came and went and I'm visiting her next week. Since she moved to DC several years ago for her work she hasn't been to a game at MSG. She goes every time we play the Crapitals, but she always talks about how she misses our home games.

Since individual tickets don't go on sale for a while, is anyone willing to sell me two tickets to a game picked off the schedule, and then I can definitively tell her we're going to that game? It'd have to be a weekend one obviously, maybe even Thanksgiving break. I haven't looked at the schedule but ideally it would be a rivalry game.

If anyone's willing to do this, we can work it out however you want. I can pay now and you can email/send the tickets when you get them, or you can just hold that particular game for me and I can pay when you get the tickets, whichever you'd prefer.

It would be much appreciated if anyone's willing to do this. Thanks in advance!