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Thread: Red Wings' Franzen Buys Custom-Made Babcock Bed Sheets For Gustav Nyquist

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    Red Wings' Franzen Buys Custom-Made Babcock Bed Sheets For Gustav Nyquist

    Detroit Red Wings forward Johan Franzen isn't going to let Gustav Nyquist forget about their former head coach.

    Franzen posted the following to Instagram on Tuesday, poking fun at his younger teammate's appreciation for Mike Babcock, who left this offseason to coach the Toronto Maple Leafs:

    Hey Nyquist, I know you been sad ever since your dad signed for Toronto so I had these custom bed sheets made for u so u always can be close to him #detroit #detroitredwings #babcock #nyquist #separationanxiety #nhl


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    That might be the coolest thing I've seen in recent memory. Thank you for the share!

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    lol. love these guys with good senses of humor.

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