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Thread: Rangers Sign [F] Jarret Stoll to 1-Year/$800K Contract

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYR View Post
    And the same should go for Girardi instead of everybody bitching about him. Why does it go for a cunt like Glass and not Girardi?
    Whoa, whoa. Why is he a cunt just because you don't think he's a good player? That's a tad extreme, no?

    Secondly, the situation with Girardi is considerably different. The Girardi situation is like a David Clarkson situation. You've got a guy who's really not high end, but is getting paid on the higher end because he's leaching off of others. Does stuff well, but not to the extent that warrants his paycheck.

    If Glass were getting 30 points while playing like shit on the top line and getting paid $4M then I could maybe see a comparison. $1.45M on the fourth line? No. That's the going rate for most veteran fourth liners.

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    Locked for cleanup.

    If and when it re-opens, the conversation needs to be about Stoll and not Glass. Everyone's feelings on Glass have been stated, noted, and moved on from.

    Thanks in advance.

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